The Journey

12 days of travel


Due to COVID-19 and the current international travel ban, new departure dates will be announced in the near future.

Our journey starts

where the river Tiber was narrow enough to be bridged, and yet ships could still navigate it: a marketplace for neighbouring tribes, which will evolve into the great city of Rome.

Not far from there is Campo de Fiori, a beautiful market where we will buy the freshest produce for our Roman food cooking class with Fabio Bongianni’s “Fabiolous Cooking Day”, then go for a walking tour of the first Jewish Ghetto in Europe. 

After our four days in Rome

you will understand how our diet today is closely related to both the Ancient Romans’s pagan culture and the Vatican cultural and sociological influence through the centuries. You will also discover the reasons behind the unification of Italy, and how the unification process marked a fundamental shift in the eating habits of the country. Exclusive aperitivo and night visit at the Vatican Museums.

The Journey will continue south

to the region of Campania for a visit to the Empire’s gourmet capital Pompeii, the region that made tomatoes popular all over the world and the homeland of pasta, pizza, buffalo mozzarella and gelato. The produce from this fertile land has a unique flavour mainly thanks to the volcanic soil rich in minerals.

Following the routes

along the Amalfi coast, a place of beauty, art and tradition, with bright colours and fresh flavours.  We will walk through Positano little lanes, and finally sail from Sorrento to Capri. While on board, father and son fishermen, will narrate the stories of the “Mare Nostrum”.

In the home stretch of the Journey, we will take you to our homeland: Abruzzo. Holding the title of the greenest region in Europe, Abruzzo is rich of culinary traditions where generations of artisans still work in close connection with their land, culture and environment.

In the heart of Italy,

the Gran Sasso mountain is an enchanted place to discover and the native grasses that grow here are one of the most biologically diverse pastures on the planet; this is why the region’s produce is so tasty, from cheeses to the meats. 

On the last day, you will enjoy “la costa dei trabocchi” with its seafood and the best wines of the region. Watch the sunset over the mountains in a typical “agriturismo“: a family home built in 1790 where Stefania, the current owner, was born. Here you will be able to relax, enjoy the food through the family’s stories and the home’s breathtaking views.

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Due to COVID-19 and the current international travel ban, new departure dates will be announced in the near future.